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Johnathan James Vineyard

Nestled in the Sonoma Valley, Johnathan James Vineyard blends their family’s rich history with sustainably grown grapes to produce robust pinot noir and rich chardonnay, including our award-winning Spring Rock Chardonnay. Schedule a visit to experience the beauty of the region and see where your favorite wine comes from while breathing crisp mountain air.

Named Sonoma’s Finest Winery

Working with the earth’s natural cycle, we’ve crafted some truly outstanding wines that reflect the rich winemaking history of our area.

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Plan a Tasting

Visit our winery and taste what makes Johnathan James so unforgettable. We offer both group and private tastings and can’t wait to show you our little slice of paradise.


Our Story

Johnathan and Jenny met on a camping trip with a group of mutual friends in Northern California in 2010. As their friendship, and soon after relationship, blossomed they started daydreaming about opening a sustainable winery together. Johnathan James Vineyard was started as a way for them to combine their business and marketing skills they’d developed over the years with their nature-loving values and adventurous spirits.